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weekend roundup …

i live for weekends at home, when there are zero plans on the agenda.

i wish i could say my weekends are glamorous. they aren’t. and i’m happy with that. perhaps it’s the introvert coming out. perhaps it’s the homebody. maybe it’s just laziness?

this weekend was no exception — sleeping in, leisurely walks with the pups around the neighborhood, coffee out on the balcony watching the river … ahhhh.

anyway, i wanted to give a “weekend roundup” of interesting things i found online over the weekend.

the most haunted hotel in every state? yes, please! who wants to go with me?!

italian ghost towns where you can buy homes for $1? keep talking …

these spicy tuna tartare nachos … because i love sushi and mexican food.

apple cider? in a cocktail? with grapefruit? you betcha.

what to do when you love pumpkin muffins AND donuts? you find this recipe that makes pumpkin donut muffins (gluten-free and vegan).

want the fancy meal without the fancy price tag to go along with it? here’s how to replicate a 5-star restaurant meal at home.

need a little pick-me-up? feeling the holiday blues kicking in a little early this year? here’s an incomplete guide to being happier and healthier!