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TUO’s Black Hawk Knife: Buy now

chefs knife

TUO’s Black Hawk Chef’s Knife … It’s midway into January and I’m starting the year off with a review of TUO’s Black Hawk chef’s knife*!

Back in the middle of December when I made the quick decision to move from California back to Pennsylvania, I knew I was going to have to downsize since I didn’t want to hire movers, rent a U-Haul, or spend too much on mailing costs. Unfortunately, a few of the items that didn’t make the cut were my kitchen knives.

Fast forward a few weeks and TUO Cutlery reached out asking if I’d be available to review their Black Hawk 7″ chef’s knife. YES!!! (The most perfect timing, I’d say.) Well, the knife arrived yesterday and I immediately put it to work with today’s sweet & sour chicken dish.

black hawk chef knife

Before I get into my review, a little bit about the knife from TUO’s website:

  • The TUO Cutlery Black Hawk 7 inch Chef Knife is designed to suit more the needs of customers. It’s smaller than a regular chef’s knife, which means that it’s more flexible and convenient to use while functioning as a regular chef’s knife. It also means that it can help you to deal with some food that you wouldn’t be able to handle a regular chef’s knife.
  • Featuring special-forged German stainless steel with a precise vacuum heat-treatment, nitrogen cryogenic tempering, and traditional 3-step Honbazuke method, the blade of Black Hawk series ensures you superb hardness, flexibility, sharpness, and lasting performance. No tearing or squishing, only Ruthless Efficiency!
  • Each handle is made of Pakkawood, which is from Africa and is famous for its insulation, anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, anti-acid and alkalis, and so on. With this kind of premium handle, you and your family can grip the ergonomically full tang handle comfortably with large or small hands and minimize wrist tension. The great handle makes prepping food and cooking is no longer a chore
  • The blade is hand polished many times, shining with silver light. The high-grade black handle forms a strong contrast with the silver blade, which is very eye-catching. The silver rivet on the handle echoes with the silver blade, making the whole knife look very advanced and luxurious.
preparing chicken

Now for my review …

WOW. Just WOW! This is the perfect size and weight for an “every day” chef’s knife. It’s weighted and sturdy, without feeling bulky and hard to handle. The blade is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and perfect for slicing a variety of foods. It also allows for precision cuts (the first cut).

I wanted to try this knife while making my sweet & sour chicken because I’d have the opportunity to test it cutting vegetables AND meat. In both instances, it worked incredibly well. It was such a smooth, quick, and precise cut … prep time was cut in half!

black hawk knife product shot

Additionally, I used this knife to test cut tomatoes, cucumbers, hard cheese (for mac & cheese coming later to the blog!), and apples.

Normally I use a serrated knife to cut tomatoes, so I was very curious to see how this would work. You know the saying, “like a hot knife through butter?” This is what it was like. The slices were clean; the tomato didn’t lose its shape. Perfection!

Overall, I believe I’ve found my new favorite “every day” knife!

If you’re in the market for a new chef’s knife, this Black Hawk 7″ retails for $46.00. It’s currently on sale for $28.95, so I highly recommend grabbing it now! You can click here to go directly to the knife’s page.

To see all of the other products available on TUO’s website, visit:

*I was gifted the TCT1211 Chef’s 7” knife in exchange for an honest review.

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