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Hi, everyone.  I’m Jaimie!

Technically, I’m a “marketing professional” currently based in Central Pennsylvania. I went to school for graphic design and advertising … because I wanted to make M&M commercials.  Having realized their advertising agency was in NYC — and having had zero interest in moving to NYC at that time in my life (I’d move there now in a heart beat) — I moved to Florida (specifically, Sarasota) and got into the publishing world. 

That job moved me to Los Angeles to work in their corporate office.  After spending almost five years at various publishing houses, I went back to my hospitality roots (I worked at a hotel all through college) and was on the opening team for a brand new hotel chain, responsible for their marketing and PR.  ( … it was fun, super stressful, yet exhilarating!) From there, I went on to work in economic development and then to the world of tourism boards. 

I represented a small city in Los Angeles County.  I travelled the world, educating travel agents and tour operators on the finer points of my city, including all of the amazing “tourist” opportunities their clients would have by staying at one of my hotels. 

From there, I went to Texas for a hot second and then to Northern California where I was doing almost the same thing — as I did in Los Angeles — for an equally small city up here.  But … cue COVID-19 … and suddenly my professional industry is non-existent. 

I decided to move back to my roots in PA and give this blog a full-time try. I use this blog to relieve stress … and to serve as a creative outlet. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people — hopefully inspiring and entertaining them as I go. Heck, you never know … maybe I could be the next Ina Garten/Martha Stewart, just living in Maine.  😉

But, let’s be honest — every 25+ gal (and some guys) wants to be the Barefoot Contessa.  I mean, with her tag lines and quotes (“how easy was that?”), comfort food recipes (hello, chicken pot pie), adorable relationship with her husband Jeffrey, and her gorgeous dream garden … who wouldn’t!?!

So with this blog, you’ll get a mix of food, pet, lifestyle, and travel content.  I’m not a super fluffy writer that makes you read twenty paragraphs before getting to the juicy parts.  I probably try too hard to be funny. I watch Baby Boom and Murder, She Wrote constantly.  I pin way too many pictures of New England on Pinterest for not living there … but, oh well. 

This blog — it’s me.  This is me.  A JB Fletcher-loving, cookie-baking gal hoping that you’re entertained, if even for a minute.

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